Who are you? The ecosystem
of better representation

Tap a group to reveal how you can take concrete, easy steps to improve representation and inclusion on (and behind) our stages.

Agents and Management Artists Production Teams Sponsors & Partners Venues Promoters


Diversify your books (demand isn't going away)

Be the first to ask “Who else is playing?"

Help implement Inclusion Riders if an act requests it

Guide your artists to use their leverage for good

Adopt Inclusion Riders

Actively seek out diverse supports

Explore artist development initiatives

Put yourself out there

Actively seek out diverse crew to hire

Ask questions before you take the gig

Explore mentorship opportunities

Set expectations for workplace culture

Put an Inclusion Clause into your
sponsorship agreements

Get inclusivity into your brand values
and align accordingly

Adopt Inclusion Clauses in your booking agreements

Make your house a welcoming space for a
diversity of acts

Develop a Values / Mission Statement

Specifically engage under-represented creative communities

Make yourself easy to reach

Look harder (we can help you)

Develop a Values / Mission Statement

Why care?

Ethically and morally I think it’s important to promote diversity because it’s makes art better. But from a more ‘business’ standpoint I can see parallels between [the responsibility of] men in music and how consumer power drives companies to develop more sustainable practices. As an artist, I need to be aware of my audience’s power to drive diverse practices, so the diversity rider, for me as an artist, ensures that I’m meeting the standard of my audience, as I see it.”

– Cory Champion

Why Do Lineups Matter?

If you understand there are forces at work that influence who gets opportunities and who doesn’t, this site is for you.

Who gets to be on the stage influences who we as a society believe is worthy of attention, amplification, and who is expected to hold power in a room. When the faces on the stage are all-white or all-male, that’s sending powerful messages about who is worthy of that attention and who we expect to command that power.

How Does This Site Work?

This is a resource hub and toolkit for industry professionals & performers to find tangible ways of impacting who gets booked to work and play on our stages.

The responsibility to make changes to our industry lies with each of us. There’s no silver-bullet solution and change requires different actions from each part of the live music ecosystem.

This site exists to help everyone to make a concerted effort.