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Entertainment Industry Diversity Initiatives

Annenbern Inclusion Initiative – the leading think tank in the world studying diversity and inclusion in entertainment through original research and sponsored projects. – an initiative dedicated to eradicating racism in the film and television industry, with an excellent Inclusion Rider template and implementation guide for film & television.

Colour of Music Collectiveto amplify the voices of people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals working in the music industry.

Diversify the Stage – a network collectively working to build a culture of accountability to establish more inclusive hiring practices and greater access to equitable opportunities in live music, events, and touring industries.

Diversity in Music – Music Industry Diversity and Inclusion Talent Directory, heavy US focus.

Diversity Panel Resources List – indepently-created doc with tips for crew hiring diversity and a heap of links to supporting initiatives and training/upskilling resources.

GenderAmplified – supporting women music producers.

Keychange – International organisation that empowers talented underrepresented genders with training, mentoring, and network support plus conferences and showcasing opportunities at partner festivals. – An Australian collective that seeks to promote the visibility and experiences of people who have been excluded and under-represented across the music industry, including women, gender non-conforming and LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and other marginalised groups.

Roadies of Color United – promoting a more diverse and and inclusive industry across Entertainment Services, Concert Touring and Live Entertainment.

She Is The Music nonprofit organization increasing the number of women working in music – songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals.

SoundCheck Aotearoa – taking action to address inequitable representation, challenge systemic discrimination, and advance impactful change across the music industry; including a full suite of sexual harm prevention resources specific to the live music industry. – a support network for women and non-binary people working in the professional audio industry and to assist those with a drive to be successful in audio.

Consent Culture / Safer Music Spaces

Don’t Be A Festivillain – promoting better festival culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Good Night Out Vancouver – a BC-based society committed to building community capacity for prevention and response to sexual harassment & assault in all sectors, with a focus on hospitality, music, arts, and nightlife.

Dancesafe – The #WeLoveConsent program seeks to build a consent culture and to reduce the incidence of sexual violence in nightlife settings through consent education and bystander intervention.

Safe Gigs for Women – an initiative working with bands, venues, and punters to advocate for safer environments at gigs.​

Lineup Disparity

LineupsWithoutMales – a handy graphic representation of Australasian festival posters without the dudes.

BookMoreWomen – the U.S. version of the above.

Training & Workplace Behaviour

SoundCheck Aotearoaan action group formed with a mission to foster a safe and inclusive culture for the music community.

RespectEdprovides expert advice, education and training services to help a range of organisations to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of harm.