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Industry Resource List (Aotearoa NZ)

A list of non-male identifying acts, photographers, videographers, LX, and production crew. View here.

Dynamics (Global)

A UK-based global database of female/non-binary artists in the Drum and Bass and 140 music scenes. View here.

WIP Project (Australasia)

A free online database of female & GNC dance music artists and industry professionals. View here.

Biollante (Aotearoa NZ)

This is a database of music acts in Aotearoa with woman, trans and non-binary representation. Care has been taken to ensure the information is accurate, but the expectation is that mistakes are going to happen where information is scarce. Policy is to err on the side of inclusivity. View here.

The Listen List - DJs (Australia)

Women and gender non-conforming DJs in Australia. has other performer lists as well.

Artists can add themselves to the list here.