Who’s Making An Effort

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Alix Perez

“After seeking and researching ways of personally having a positive impact on the diversity issue in our industry I’ve found that implementing an Inclusion Clause with my bookings has helped tremendously and already has brought some much needed change to events that I play at or curate myself.”

Forte Touring

“We have seen a direct correlation between using the Inclusion Rider and an increased representation of women on the shows we are involved in. We also co-wrote the Venue Cuture & Safety Agreement as a way to help ensure inclusivity for audiences.”

Meow (Wellington NZ)

“Having an Inclusion Rider for our venue was always about normalising women on stage for both the audience and other artists. Initially there was a lot of pushback but we just got on with it and the results are starting to speak for themselves.”

NicNak Artist Management

“The Inclusion Rider templates are an excellent resource for a management company such as ours. It has meant that we’ve had a base to work from – streamlining riders across our roster, and then tweaking to suit each act.”

Neck of the Woods (Auckland NZ)

“Creating our own safety guidelines has made patrons and artists feel safer and has given our bar staff and security crew more autonomy to deal with situations where someone needs to be helped when they feel unsafe, or warned about their behaviour. But one of the biggest benefits is that it sets intentions for everyone coming down here. Leave any bad buzz behaviour at the door and respect eachother.”

MC Tali

“Most promoters who have seen mine have responded positively, wanting to be a part of creating a diverse and inclusive industry. I’ve also had some promoters ask me or my agent to make suggestions as to who else might fit the bill, which shows a willingness to explore new names and talent. I definitely feel more empowered and accepted, comfortable and happy being on a lineup that shows inclusivity. It usually makes for a more interesting lineup that’s for sure!”

The Upbeats

“We’ve been very pleasantly surprised with how the Inclusion Rider has worked to date, promoters in general have been positive and happy to work to the guidelines, and we’ve definitely seen a marked rise in female acts sharing the stages we’re on since putting it into our contract.”